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Simon Romero is a world renowned wildlife artist who has been serving North America's taxidermy needs for over 40 years! Simon's art is proudly displayed all over the world, including museums and palaces. Simon has won national and world competitions and nationally recognized in years past mounting trophies for Wicked Tuna, interviewed by National Geographic and desired by movie studios for taxidermy props, to name a few. He routinely works with the California Water Fowl Association, California Deer Association, Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, Ducks Unlimited, Pheasants Forever, Trout Unlimited, Marlin Bill Association, Safari Club International. 

Taxidermist possess a rare and unique skill set that is, unfortunately, becoming a dying art. Simon's innate artistic talent and fierce attention to detail is why he is sought after from coast to coast. Simon knows firsthand there's a story behind each piece...a cherished story that'll get to be retold to the next generation and the next. As a sculptor, painter and woodworker, rest assured, every piece Simon puts his hands on reflects a custom work of art.

We are a full service, federally licensed taxidermy studio located in Southern California. Simon specializes in everything from start to finish... birds, mammals, fish, exotics, and even after care memorials for your deceased pets. Simon has traveled the world giving him first hand knowledge, experience and expertise regarding the anatomy of animals and their habitats and that is what sets him apart from other studios.

Simon's Taxidermy also offers trophy room design services, remounting services for your damaged, or old mounts and guiding services for your next hunting for fishing adventure!

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